LA TERMOTECNICA is an Italian company, founded in 1976 and one of the first Italian companies to produce and design their own thermocouple and resistance thermometer probes.



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About Us

LA TERMOTECNICA, an Italian company set up in 1976, is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production and design of temperature sensors based on proprietary thermocouple and RTD technology. Over the years, the quality and reliability of LA TERMOTECNICA products have secured the company a forefront position on the Italian and international marketplace.
Since the company was set up 25 years ago, top flight product quality and efficient services have always been high on it’s list of priorities. These services include technical support and assistance able to solve any application problems, fast, certain delivery, R&D activities, issue of quality certification documents, in other words a complete suite of services that only a company with it’ s sights firmly set on leadership can sustain. Obviously, all to the advantage of the customer who can always rely on a prompt, efficient partner at all times.

La Termotecnica


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